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Watch 3% Season 3 Episode 6 oneline free | v1 LugaTv

Watch 3% Season 3 Episode 6 online free

Run Time: 49m.
IMDb: 7.3.
Episode name: Capítulo 06: Alçapão .
Air Date: 7 Jun. 2019.
Episode Info: With the Offshore contingent on the way, the Shells new residents scour the desert for the fugitives. Elisa grapples with painful memories.
Story: A post-apocalyptic thriller set in near-future Brazil, where a select few are allowed to join a privileged society after undergoing an intense and competitive process.

A world divided into progress and devastation. The link between the two sides - Offshore and Inland - is a rigorous and painstaking system called The Process. Everyone in Inland has a chance to go through The Process to live a better life in Offshore. But only 3% make it through.

Creator: Pedro Aguilera .
Country: .

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Watch 3% online free | LugaTv


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